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                网站首页 > 新闻资讯 > 7m足球比分即时比分知←识


                2018-12-12 08:31:47 7m即时足球比分 已读

                燃气7m足球比分即时比分的启动对于没有司炉工资格的人来说,显得很神秘。但是燃气7m足球比分即时比分的安全运行能很好的保证物质财∏产和人员的安全。其实,燃气7m足球比分即时比分的启动是有步骤的。只要按照正确的步骤就能安全★的启动7m足球比分即时比分设备。在燃气7m足球比分即时比分点火提前清除炉腔,这在每次点火前应严格执行。之后打开7m足球比分即时比分总电源。启动气体燃烧器。当鼓上的排气阀,冒出蒸汽后关闭。检查7m足球比分即时比分的阀门,泄漏收紧是否有泄漏现象。蒸汽7m足球比分即时比分压力达到0.05 ~ 0.05 MPA,补水、排水、检查测试供水和排水装置,冲洗水位表在同一时间显◤示压力升至0.1 ~ 0.1 MPA的冲洗压力表。当蒸汽7m足球比分即时比分压力减少三↓分之二的操作压力时,加热管开始充气,慢①慢打开主汽阀排气。当蒸汽排水阀关闭后和排水阀是关闭的,慢慢地打◣开主阀打开☉,然◆后转动天然气燃烧器自动变速器控制旋钮。操作后观察负载调节水∴位是否在正常水位。观察排气温度,一般控制在220 - 220℃之间,同时观察烟囱烟气温度、浓度、燃烧调整到最好的状态。

                The start of gas hot blast stove is very mysterious for those who have no salary. But the safe operation of gas hot blast stove can ensure the safety of material property and personnel. Actually, the start-up of gas hot blast stove is step by step. As long as the correct steps are followed, the hot stove equipment can be safely started. The chamber should be cleared before ignition of gas hot blast stove, which should be strictly carried out before each ignition. Then turn on the main power supply of the hot stove. Start the gas burner. When the exhaust valve on the drum comes out steam, it closes. Check the valve of hot blast stove, leakage tightening or leakage phenomenon. The pressure of steam hot stove reaches 0.05-0.05 MPA. The water supply, drainage, inspection and test of water supply and drainage devices. The flushing water gauge shows that the pressure rises to 0.1-0.1 MPA at the same time. When the pressure of the steam hot stove is reduced by two thirds of the operating pressure, the heating tube begins to inflate and slowly opens the main steam valve to exhaust. When the steam drain valve is closed and the drain valve is closed, slowly open the main valve and turn the automatic transmission control knob of the natural gas burner. After operation, observe whether the load regulating water level is in normal water level. Observe the exhaust temperature, generally controlled between 220 - 220 C, while observing the chimney flue gas temperature, concentration, combustion adjustment to the best state. 

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