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                2018-12-12 08:32:39 7m即时足球比分 已读


                There are many characteristics of brand gas hot stove. In some gas hot blast stove equipments, burners are equipped with intelligent controllers with high degree of automation, which are used to command automatic cleaning, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion and other operations. It also has a hot blast stove extinguishing protection device to ensure the safety of operators. The controllers of brand hot stoves are stored on smart chips. When starting the hot stoves, the users can set the stopping time of the hot stoves, and then the hot stoves can stop running automatically according to the program. In terms of reducing smoke exhaust speed, brand gas hot blast stove can enhance heat transfer, lower exhaust gas temperature, reduce heat loss and save fuel. 燃气7m足球比分即时比分品牌的智能化操作能更加方便的掌握7m足球比分即时比分的运行状况◣和系统,随意设置水温,自动调节用户生活,供暖用水。

                Intelligent operation of gas hot-blast stove brand can more easily grasp the operation status and system of hot-blast stove, set water temperature at will, automatically adjust user's life and heating water.


                Brand gas hot stove has no potential safety hazards. Advanced design and manufacturing technology reduces heat loss and makes it less prone to rust.

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