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                2019-03-25 11:21:39 7m即时足球比分 已读

                有很多客户给我们咨询说自家别墅外有一段坡起路段可以铺无震动止滑坡道材料吗?小区内部的人行路铺设无震动止滑坡道材料效果︾好吗?我们的技术客服也会一一的细心回答客户,可以做的,而且这些路段是很有必要铺设无震动止滑坡道材料的。为了让客户们了解更多,我们来给大家介绍下无震动止滑坡道的适用范围吧。无震动止滑坡道适用范围: 道路路口、自行车道路、公交车道、汽车上下坡道、机场上下坡道、小区人行通道、斜坡、路面有特殊止滑要求的部位、美化区域等。
                Many customers consulted us that there is a section of slope road outside their villas that can be paved with non-vibration anti-landslide material? Is it good to pave non-vibration anti-landslide material on the pedestrian road inside the community? Our technical customer service will answer customers one by one carefully and can do it, and these sections are very necessary to lay non-vibration anti-landslide material. In order to let customers know more, let's introduce the scope of application of non-vibration landslide. Scope of application of non-vibration landslide stopping road: road junction, bicycle road, bus lane, automobile up and down ramp, airport down and down ramp, residential pedestrian passage, slope, pavement with special anti-slip requirements, beautifying area, etc. 
                Construction of Non-vibration Landslide Stopping Road

                1. Ground cleaning: Clean and polish the concrete base surface to ensure that there is no oil, sludge, cement debris and other attachments, and leveling the uneven areas, no empty drum and water cleaning.

                2, interface layer: use non vibration anti slip Lane liquid material plus 1 times of water mixing evenly, using roller or sprayer evenly coated on the base, forming interface layer.

                3. Bottom layer construction: First use the non-vibration anti-skid Lane liquid material: non-vibration anti-skid Lane powder mixing uniformly according to the proportion of 1:5 and then constructed on the interface layer (generally the bottom is yellow). After 6 hours, use the sprayer to use the non vibration anti skid Lane material and add 1 times water to mix evenly. Use the roller or sprayer to spread evenly on the base, forming the interface layer.

                4. Adhesion demarcation line: According to the design requirements, draw lines and paste tape paper. Commonly used color is yellow bottom, green surface, yellow bottom width is 12 cm, green surface width is 30 cm, obtuse angle is about 150 degrees.

                5. Surface layer construction: first use non-vibration anti-skid Lane liquid material: non-vibration anti-skid Lane powder mix well in proportion of 1:5 and then construct on the bottom (generally the surface is green).

                6. Clean up the site: Clean up excess materials to make the ground clean and pollution-free.

                7, curing layer: use the non vibration anti-skid Lane liquid material and double water sprayer evenly coated on the product surface to maintain the finished product.

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