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                2019-03-25 11:22:36 7m即时足球比分 已读

                Vibration-free landslide prevention track is a kind of mineral aggregate, modified resin and other admixtures and additives with high polygonal hardness. It is constructed on site by special technology. It is commonly used with yellow background color, green surface layer, 12 cm yellow bottom width, 50 cm green width and 150 degrees obtuse angle. Scope of application: Uphill and downhill ramps of large parking lots, pavement with special requirements of anti-slip parts, ramps of large loading areas. Performance characteristics: 1. Seamless surface, beautiful and generous. 2. There is no vibration in and out of the vehicle. 3. Wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, ultraviolet resistance. 
                3. The Lane anti-skid material specially treated has the advantages of high strength, good hardness and wear resistance and heavy pressure resistance. Superior anti-corrosion and weathering resistance, beautiful surface effect, especially to meet the needs of modern property, is the ideal landslide road at present. 无振动止滑坡道施工工艺:
                Construction technology of non-vibration landslide stop road: 
                1. Ground requirements: 
                The concrete ground strength is over c25, the pouring thickness is over 5cm, the slope is smooth, the surface is free of oil pollution, drying and impurities. 2. Bottom treatment: 
                After comprehensive cleaning and polishing, the bottom coating is sealed by rolling coating, which can improve the anti-corrosion and waterproof performance of the ground and increase the bonding force with the compressive layer of the back track. 
                If the base surface is smooth, it must be treated. Only when the wool is treated with the ash cleaner or concrete milling machine can the primer be coated. 3. intermediate layer: 
                The yellow base material was mixed with special modified resin to form a compressive layer about 3 mm thick. The 4. level: 
                (1) Patterns design: the special tape is pasted according to the design pattern. 
                (2) Surface construction: after the stratum is dried, green fabrics and special modification are used. 
                The construction surface layer of resin mixing with trowel or special spray gun forms about 3mm. 
                Thick color strip skid stop. 
                5. Remove the tape after the surface layer is dried. Clean up the debris and check it all. 
                Confirm that the resin emulsion is rolled and coated to protect the cover without defects. 6. maintenance: 
                Vehicles can be allowed to pass within one to two weeks after the completion of maintenance. 
                Compared with other lanes: 无振动止滑车道:无振动,舒适。水泥坎车道:振动大,不舒适。花岗石车道:阻力小,有危险。
                Vibration-free ski-stop lane: no vibration, comfortable. Cement barrier driveway: large vibration, uncomfortable. Granite Lane: Small resistance, dangerous. 

                标签:   7m足球比分即时比分 无振动防滑坡道 7m足球比分即时比分厂家 生物质7m足球比分即时比分 燃气7m足球比分即时比分