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                2019-03-25 11:23:27 7m即时足球比分 已读


                Vibration-free anti-landslide floor is made up of special functional polymers, modified resins, mineral aggregates with polygonal hardness, other admixtures and additives, which are constructed by special on-site technology. It has excellent anti-skid, wear resistance, compression resistance, shock absorption, noise reduction, drainage, guiding function, beautiful, comfortable, weather-resistant, anti-aging. Compared with similar lanes of different materials, they have the characteristics of long service life and good cost performance. 
                Performance Characteristics of Non-vibration Landslide-proof Landslide
                1. Applicable places: Upper and lower ramps of parking lot, ramps of loading area, ramps of factory freight climbing, dangerous ramps of roads, and other parts of pavement with special requirements for anti-skid.
                2. Performance characteristics: uniform surface roughness, little fluctuation, no vibration; good surface sliding resistance; strong adhesion, flexibility, impact resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance; good weather resistance.
                3. Service life: at least 10 years or more.
                Characteristic of Non-vibration Landslide-proof Road Floor
                1. Wear-resisting, pressure-resisting and impact-resisting, which can effectively prolong the service life of roads.
                2. Good anti-skid performance, smooth and comfortable without vibration.
                3. Beautiful design, strong orientation, eye-catching and safe, beautifying the environment.
                4. Reduce vehicle noise and improve driving conditions.
                5. Good drainage performance, no water accumulation to reduce or even eliminate splash and water mist, increase the safety of driving in rainy days.
                6. It has good low temperature resistance and thermal aging resistance.
                7. Surface seamless, not easy to peel and crack.
                8. It reduces the noise of friction between vehicle tyres and lanes, reduces the damage of ordinary lanes to vehicle tyres, and has super-strong damping performance and low fluctuation.
                9. Using cement-based materials, the lane has a long service life; the surface is sealed with imported resin to make it self-cleaning; and it is resistant to heavy pressure, abrasion and easy to construct.

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