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                2019-03-25 11:25:59 7m即时足球比分 已读


                Underground garage non-vibration anti-slide lane should have strong anti-skid performance, and it is difficult to construct. The concrete construction steps of non-vibration anti-slide lane are as follows: First, the base surface should be cleaned up and cleaned. Clean the ground with high-pressure water gun, remove oil and other impurities on the ground, if there are pits, holes and so on, also need to be repaired. 二、底涂施工进行底漆的施工,在基面喷洒渗透底漆涂料,渗入混凝土并关闭毛孔,使混凝土地上结实结合。三、抗压层↓施工待底涂干燥后,批刮止滑抗压层,在绝大多数的坡道止滑地坪工程中,抗压层①用的都是黄色止滑抗压材料。
                2. Primer construction is carried out by spraying penetrating primer coatings on the base, infiltrating concrete and closing pore, so as to make the concrete ground consolidate and combine. 3. After the bottom coating is dried, scrape the anti-slide and anti-pressure layer in batches. In most of the slope anti-slide floor projects, the anti-slide and anti-pressure layer is made of yellow anti-slide and anti-pressure materials.
                四、划线并贴美纹纸在处理好的地面上划好辅佐网格☉线,计划好坡道线的方位及形状,最终在计划好的坡道线方位∴贴好美纹纸。五、面层防滑层施工先用80目骨料配〖比砂浆,批刮防滑面层,然后再用40目骨∑ 料砂浆喷涂进行稳固。
                4. Draw lines and paste beautifully lined paper on the treated ground, draw auxiliary grid lines, plan the orientation and shape of the ramp line, and finally paste beautifully lined paper in the planned orientation of the ramp line. Fifth, the surface anti-skid layer is first constructed with 80 mesh aggregate proportion mortar, batch scraping anti-skid surface layer, and then sprayed with 40 mesh aggregate mortar for stabilization.
                6. Remove the American paper 30 minutes after the finish, before the mortar is solidified, remove the American paper. Note: When removing the paper, we should not simply tear it off, but roll it up bit by bit and remove it together with the surface mortar covering the paper. The yellow compressive anti-sliding layer below will be exposed, and the beautiful and generous ramp line will come out.
                7. Maintenance and start-up lanes should be maintained for 2-3 days after completion, before people can walk, and after 7 days, vehicles can exercise. The construction of landslide-proof Road Floor in underground garage should be very rigorous, which is related to the safety of pedestrians.

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