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                2019-07-24 17:42:16 7m即时足球比分 已读

                When we use the hot stove, if we use the hot stove for a long time, it will lead to the breakage of the furnace mouth. Do you know how to deal with it at this time? For example, hot air mainly uses the method of direct combustion of fuel, and is formed by highly purified treatment of hot air, and then directly contacts with materials to heat, dry or bake. It is such a kind of equipment that has become an electric heat source and a traditional steam power heat source replacement equipment. Hot stove is not a boiler? Do you know the difference between them?
                Hot blast stove uses hot air as medium and carrier, so as to improve the heat utilization rate and the effect of thermal work. It can be classified from industrial products, mainly belongs to a kind of boiler, but from the definition of special equipment, hot stove is not within the scope of special equipment boiler. Hot blast stove is a new type of high temperature heat energy recovery. The manufacturer's method for calculating the air flow rate of hot blast stove is analyzed. Under some conditions of heat exchange and temperature, the wall temperature of heat exchange can reach 600-700 C. If the local surface air cooling condition is not good, the wall temperature will rise. Under the same heat load, hot blast stoves need more heat transfer area than steam boilers or hot water boilers. 下面了解下7m足球比分即时比分风量计算。7m足球比分即时比分能性受到哪些因素影响 在7m足球比分即时比分的使用之时需要使用到※能源,正是因为这◥样,也就需要对产品的节能性来进行注意,当一个产品在使用之时没有▼节能性,自然就会让它的使用成本有所增加。正是因为这种产〖品的节能性受到多方面的因素影响。
                Understand next hot stove air volume calculation. What factors affect the performance of hot stove need to use energy when using hot stove. Because of this, we need to pay attention to the energy-saving of products. When a product is not energy-saving in use, it will naturally increase the cost of its use. It is precisely because the energy-saving of this product is affected by many factors.
                Usually when we use hot stove, long time use will cause hot stove, there will be furnace mouth damage phenomenon, at this time, how should we deal with it? The hot blast stove uses direct combustion of fuel to form hot air after high purification treatment, and then directly contacts with the material to heat, dry or bake. It was such a kind of equipment that became a replacement product of electric heat source and traditional steam power heat source at that time. However, due to long time use, the contact surface between the sleeve and the small sleeve of the hot blast stove will be moist, porous or foam, and there will also be a yellow gas flame around the vent.
                After our further inspection, it is found that there will be bubbles in the outlet head of the hot blast stove, white lines in the water flow, intermittent phenomenon of outflow wheezing and rising water temperature difference in severe cases. When the outlet leakage is too large, there will be seepage in all three sets, even near the edge of the outlet. Such phenomena can fully explain the existence of burning loss at the furnace mouth.

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