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                2019-07-24 17:43:28 7m即时足球比分 已读

                Scale in hot blast stove will have a certain impact on the heat transfer effect of boiler. At high temperature, scaling will occur on the heating surface of water heating boiler and pipeline, and the inner diameter of pipeline will become smaller and smaller, which will lead to blockage of part of the pipeline of boiler in long-term use. Even if scaling occurs in the boiler of hot blast stove, it will not stop operation immediately, but the ability of heat conduction is also seriously affected. Many heat can not be transferred quickly, so it will lead to waste of resources, and leave potential safety hazards, endangering our safety production. It is necessary to prevent scaling in water heating boilers, soften the boiler water and improve the water quality.
                1、水暖7m足球比分即时比分必须具备给水处理装置,保证7m足球比分即时比分给水ζ 符合水质指标的要求;
                1. Water heating boilers must have water treatment devices to ensure that the water supply of boilers meets the requirements of water quality indicators.
                2. For the equipment using ion exchange method to produce soft water, it is necessary to carry out regular water quality detection in time sequence, switch and regenerate resin towers in time sequence, and check the regeneration effect, so as not to prolong the operation cycle. In addition, because of the phenomena of breakage, oxidation and aging of resin, the resin should be supplemented regularly.
                3. During the operation of water heating boilers, it is necessary to carry out reasonable sewage discharge to the boilers.
                4. During the shutdown period, the heating elements and scales in the boiler should be measured regularly, and the scales formed should be cleaned in time to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the boiler. The treatment should be carried out scientifically and strictly in accordance with the steps to reduce the harm caused by scale and ash on boilers, environmental pollution and energy saving. 

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