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                2019-07-24 17:44:10 7m即时足球比分 已读

                When we start the fire of the hot-blast stove, the air in the hot-blast stove becomes hot. But hot air is lighter than cold air. It needs to go up, and the cold air in the room will fill its empty space. Then there will be a stream of air, the air will flow from the bottom of the stove through the stove to the top, and then the hot stove will emit a whirring sound. The cause of hot-blast stove wind: the wind is caused by the flow of hot and cold air. In nature, the hot-blast stove is mainly caused by the solar radiation heat. The sun shines on the earth's surface, so it will cause the surface temperature to rise, and the surface air will be lightened by thermal expansion to rise. When the hot air rises, the cold cold air flows in horizontally, and the rising air gradually cools and becomes heavier, because the higher surface temperature also heats the air and makes it rise, so the air flow like this produces wind. 导致7m足球比分即时比分炉火不旺的原因有很多,本文重点介绍四种及相应←解决方法。
                There are many reasons leading to the low fire of hot stove. This paper mainly introduces four kinds of methods and corresponding solutions.
                1. The chimney window does not match. If the chimney installed does not match the hot stove, it will cause the problem of low fire. It should be noted that the diameter of the chicken-raising hot blast stove should not be less than the diameter of the boiler outlet, and the height of the chimney should not be lower than the required height.
                2. The fuel quality is poor, the calorific value is low and the coking property is high. Users can replace the good quality chicken stove fuel, sawdust fuel is the best.
                3. Unauthorized adjustment of feeding speed and less fuel increase than fuel consumption. Processing method: Adequate fuel according to application requirements, adjust feeding speed, prevent gasification fuel from wasting.
                4. The blockage of flue and the accumulation of ash in the flue will cause excessive accumulation of dust and lead to poor ventilation. Use hook hook to remove slag from hot blast stove, close the coal feeding door, then need to open the slag removal door, after the flame, normal coal feeding can be used.

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