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                2019-08-13 15:57:20 7m即时足球比分 已读

                When we use hot-blast stove, it is likely that because of mechanical problems and the impact of sudden changes in external conditions, we can not take timely and effective measures for the operation of hot-blast stove, which results in abnormal temperature of hot-blast stove. If the temperature of hot-blast stove appears cooler. What should we do at this time? If the furnace temperature of hot blast stove is cooler, it may be due to improper feeding and discovery after the weighing failure of feeding system. If the effect can not be stopped after taking measures, it may lead to abnormal furnace condition or hearth freezing accident. At this time, the following measures should be taken decisively: 
                Firstly, the air in the furnace is reduced by about 50%, and the material speed is controlled. The temperature of the furnace is kept cool.

                (2) Adding batches of net coke while reducing air flow, and reducing coke load accordingly.

                (3) Organize all efforts to get rid of the slag iron before the furnace, try to avoid the occurrence of tuyere edge irrigation and burnout accidents, and wait for the net coke to be delivered.

                (4) Ensure the symmetry of wind pressure and air volume to avoid collapse and suspension.

                If there are problems in the operation of hot stoves, we need to shut down the stoves in time and find out the reasons, and then take corresponding measures to solve them.

                These are the reasons why the furnace temperature of hot blast stove is cooler.

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