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                2019-09-02 16:29:06 7m即时足球比分 已读

                Coal-fired hot blast stove mainly burns coal blocks, which are composed of H, C, O, S, N and other elements. Full combustion of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide will not pollute the air, but also reduce the use of coal. But if the insufficient combustion will produce a large amount of carbon monoxide to seriously pollute the atmosphere, then how can we make it fully burnt? How can we reduce the use of coal? 首先要有足够的空气供给:供给适量的空气是燃烧完全和稳定的必要⊙条件。空气过多,一则会降低炉膛温度,影响燃烧的稳定性;二则增加排烟损失。反之,空气量过小,又会使煤烧得不透,增加机械不完全燃烧损失。根据燃煤的燃烧性,风量的配给十分重要,沿炉排长度方向,采用分段配风,而沿炉宽度方向,应保持炉排表面风速均匀一致。
                First of all, there must be sufficient air supply: adequate air supply is a necessary condition for complete and stable combustion. If there is too much air, the temperature of the furnace will be lowered and the combustion stability will be affected, and the smoke exhaust loss will be increased. On the contrary, too little air will make the coal burnt incompletely and increase the mechanical incomplete combustion loss. According to the burnability of coal, air distribution is very important. Along the length direction of grate, the air distribution is divided into sections, while along the width direction of grate, the air velocity on the grate surface should be kept uniform.
                Secondly, coal and air should be fully mixed in coal-fired drying hot-blast stove: in order to make coal and oxygen in the air contact fiercely combustion, we must achieve: coal is moderate, particle size should be maintained between 6-25 mm. It is required that the coal seepage be uniform, the end of the coal block be mixed evenly, the air distribution be uniform, and the fire bed be flat. In the actual operation, the fireman must watch the fire, check, adjust and adjust the thickness of coal seam according to the burning condition, control the opening of each section air door and adjust the required air supply. As long as the above points are achieved, good economic results will be achieved.
                Once again, it is necessary to have combustion stability:
                It is very important to keep the stability of combustion state in order to achieve the best economic benefit and complete combustion in the coal-fired drying hot blast stove.
                Finally, coal mixed with water:
                The combustion efficiency can be improved by adding appropriate moisture in coal. When the water content in coal is between 8% and 10%, the combustion effect is the best.

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