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                2019-09-02 16:29:51 7m即时足球比分 已读

                In order to prolong the service life of hot blast stove and maintain its excellent performance, the friends who use hot blast stove need to pay attention to the following problems besides carefully reading the instructions.
                1. Operational rules for operation and maintenance should be worked out, operation records and repair files should be established, cumulative working hours of operation should be counted, daily maintenance should be strengthened, changing trend of equipment technical status should be grasped, failure and damage seemingly detected as soon as possible, hot repair with the nature of emergency repair should be avoided, and needles should be provided in advance according to the load and working condition of hot blast stove. Prepare repair materials and work out repair technology.
                2. Do not overload without equipment. The maximum service temperature of alloy elements refers to the allowable surface temperature of elements in dry air, not the temperature of heating materials or the temperature around the elements. It should be noted that the temperature of the electrothermal element itself is 100 C higher than that of the surrounding medium or the heated temperature.
                3. Hot blast stove can not open the door for a long time after heating up. When the temperature is higher than 400 C, it should not be cooled sharply. It is easy to cause oxidation peeling of electrothermal components when the temperature is high and the temperature changes greatly. For molybdenum heating furnace, EI should be cooled to below 200 before shutting down the protective gas.
                The water discharging period is O - 200 C, which is the discharging period of water in mud and moisture in masonry. It is necessary to open the furnace door and keep it warm for a long time.
                (2) The expansion period of masonry is the initial expansion and expansion deformation period of masonry, when the temperature rise does not exceed 50 C/h.
                (3) The insulation period is over 600 C, and every 100-200 C increase, the masonry should be heated for a period of time, which is too quick and easy to damage. 

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