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                2019-09-02 16:30:33 7m即时足球比分 已读

                Coal-fired hot-blast stove is mainly coal-fired, coal block is composed of C/H/O/S and other chemical elements. If the coal-fired hot-blast stove is not fully burned, it will produce a large number of toxic gases, endangering human health. In fact, we already have corresponding protective measures for the problem of Western Zhejiang, then it will be produced after combustion. What are the harmful gases and their specific hazards? How to prevent the symptoms? The following is a brief introduction to the minor edition: 燃煤7m足球比分即时比分燃烧后主要大气污染物就是硫氧化合物。煤炭在燃烧时产生的稳定产物@是SO2与SO3,但SO3的含量甚微。以SO2为主,二氧化硫是一种无色不可燃的有毒气体,具有强烈的辛辣、刺激性气味。主要损害上呼吸道,因为它易溶于水形成亚硫酸刺激眼和鼻粘膜,具有腐蚀性;二氧化硫在组织液中的溶解度很高,所以吸入空气中的二氧化硫很快会溶解消失在上呼吸道,很少∮进入深部气道,因此只有深度呼吸或二氧化硫吸附在尘粒表面上时才有可能进入肺部,就会对▃人体健康产生明显危害,鼻腔和呼吸道粘膜都会出现刺激感;能够引起支气管收缩与声带痉挛,进而还会发生鼻腔出血、呼吸困难∞等,还会诱发支气管炎、肺水肿、肺硬化等疾病,甚至死亡。此外,SO2还可增强致癌物苯并芘的致癌作用。
                Sulfur oxides are the main air pollutants in coal-fired hot blast stoves after combustion. The stable products of coal combustion are SO2 and SO3, but the content of SO3 is very small. Sulfur dioxide is a colorless, non-flammable, toxic gas with a strong pungent and irritating odor. It mainly damages the upper respiratory tract, because it is easy to dissolve in water to form sulfite to stimulate the eyes and nasal mucosa, which is corrosive. The solubility of sulfur dioxide in tissue fluid is very high, so sulfur dioxide in inhaled air will dissolve quickly and disappear in the upper respiratory tract, rarely into the deep airway, so only deep breathing or sulfur dioxide adsorption. On the surface of dust particles, it is possible to enter the lungs, which will cause obvious harm to human health, irritation of nasal cavity and respiratory mucosa, bronchoconstriction and vocal cord spasm, and then nasal bleeding, dyspnea, bronchitis, pulmonary edema, pulmonary sclerosis and other diseases, or even. Death. In addition, SO2 can enhance the carcinogenicity of benzopyrene, a carcinogen.

                Long-term exposure to sulfur dioxide on the one hand stimulates the upper respiratory tract to cause bronchial smooth muscle reflex contraction, respiratory resistance increases, respiratory function decline, on the other hand stimulates and loses mucosa, which makes mucosal secretion become more and more thick, cilia movement is blocked, immune function is weakened, resulting in respiratory tract resistance decline, induce different processes. Degree of inflammation, such as chronic nasopharyngitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and emphysema. In addition, long-term exposure to sulphur dioxide has a negative impact on the function of cerebral cortex, which reduces the working ability of the brain and is not conducive to children's intellectual development. It is worth noting that the combination of SO2 and SO3 with water, smoke and dust to form sulfuric acid smoke and sulfate causes much more environmental pollution and harm than that of single SO2. Its toxicity can be increased by 34 times. If the particles of sulfuric acid aerosol are heavy metal particles, its stimulation effect is enhanced by 10 times than that of SO2 alone. Because sulfuric acid aerosol particles can penetrate deep lung tissue.

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