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                2019-09-02 16:31:53 7m即时足球比分 已读

                After a period of operation, some scales will be formed because of the poor water quality or the poor control of water treatment in the early stage. There are six common types. Here, we will not elaborate on them in detail. Scale is harmful to coal-fired hot blast stove, is the main cause of boiler accidents, and its harmfulness is the most important change. Now there are three aspects: 1、浪费大量燃料
                1. Waste a lot of fuel
                Because the thermal conductivity of scale is only one-tenth of that of steel, heat transfer will be hindered when scaling on the heating surface. In order to maintain the output of the aquaculture water heater, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the fire side, so as to cause heat loss by outward radiation and smoke exhaust. Because the working pressure of chicken water heater is different, the type and thickness of scales are different, and the amount of fuel wasted is different. According to the experiment and calculation, the thickness of scales and the proportion of fuel wasted are as follows: when the thickness of scales is more than 1 mm, the fuel wasted is 5-13%; when the thickness of scales is more than 2 mm, the fuel wasted is 13-18%; when the thickness of scales is more than 3 mm, the fuel wasted is 18-26%. 。
                2. Easily cause the steel plate and pipeline to be burned out due to overheating.
                Because after scaling in chicken-raising hot-blast stove, it is necessary to maintain a certain working pressure and evaporation, only to increase the temperature of the fire side, but the thicker the scale, the lower the thermal conductivity, the higher the temperature of the fire side. Generally speaking, the temperature of the fire side of the breeding hot stove is about 900 C, while the temperature of the water side is about 190 C. When there is no scale, the temperature of the steel plate is about 230 C. Once the scale is about 1 mm, the temperature of the steel plate is about 140 C higher than that of the scale-free steel plate. When the temperature of 20 # steel plate reaches 315 C, the plasticity index of the metal begins to decrease. When the temperature reaches 450 C, the metal will creep because of overheating. So the scaling of chicken heating stove is very easy to burn metal.
                3. Increase overhaul costs and reduce service life
                Accidents caused by scales in farming boilers are about one-third of the total number of accidents in chicken-raising hot stoves or are on the rise, which not only cause damage to equipment, but also threaten personal safety. Therefore, in the case of qualified water supply, the water used in the boiler should be strictly controlled to meet the national standards when the chicken-raising hot-blast stove is running, and the scaling should be prevented in operation, and the scaling should be treated in time. The scaling in the chicken-raising hot-blast stove must be thoroughly prevented and removed and the water quality should be controlled. To solve the above problems, the most scientific method is to add a good comprehensive performance, comprehensive efficacy of pharmaceutical operation and maintenance and regular cleaning and descaling in the operation of chicken water heater.

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