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                2019-09-02 16:32:46 7m即时足球比分 已读


                In order to make the temperature control more stable when the coal-fired hot blast stove is in use, there are several operating essentials to introduce to you. What are the specific problems? Here is an introduction. Coal-fired hot blast stove is a kind of heating equipment commonly used in winter, its use has a long history. We all use it more or less or see it used by others. It has been widely used in the family, schools, units and factories and other environmental heating. But in the process of using, there will be many problems because of improper use, and some even threaten their own lives. Although now through continuous design and improvement, to a large extent, its use is more secure and convenient. But in the process of heating in winter, we should pay attention to some matters needing attention, so as to be able to operate and use better.


                1. Atmospheric pressure coal-fired hot blast stove should be maintained after stopping. It is strictly forbidden to operate under pressure. Boilers can be heated, bathed or boiled water.

                2、装置暖气片用的上水管的管径不能低于1.5寸。管径太小,影响燃煤7m足球比分即时比分的出水量和回水量@ 。燃煤7m足球比分即时比分的回水量少,燃煤7m足球比分即时比分容易开锅,发生蒸汽,影响水循环。

                2. The pipe diameter of the upper water pipe used for installing the heater sheet should not be less than 1.5 inches. The pipe diameter is too small, which affects the output and return water of coal-fired hot blast stove. Coal-fired hot blast stove has less backwater, so it is easy to open the boiler and produce steam, which affects the water circulation.


                3. Because the residual gas of the coal-fired hot air stove and the heating pipe is high, the ventilation pipe should be installed at the top of the heating pipe.


                4. Regardless of several groups of heaters, after the start of hot water circulation, the heating of heaters should be consistent. Water circulation to a certain location, hot water does not go forward, flooding the way circulation, indicating that there is excess air in the near upper pipe, therefore, it is necessary to install three-way ventilation to release air.


                5. Close the fire door and open the ash door when burning the coal-fired hot blast stove. When not burning, add coal to the ash door and do not extinguish the fire.


                6. Before using drinking water for coal-fired hot blast stove, boiling water should be burned to clean the boiler, and sewage should be discharged through the outlet.


                7. Descaling coal-fired hot blast stove in time (scale thickness can not exceed 2 mm) to improve thermal efficiency and prolong service life.


                8. When installing the safety valve (explosion-proof valve), pay attention to check the rubber pad of the safety valve. If aging occurs, it should be replaced in time.


                9. When showering, it is necessary to equip cold, hot and mixed water three-way valves to regulate water temperature and prevent water from overheating and scalding. In any case, it is necessary to ensure that the shower inlet or outlet is connected with the atmosphere to prevent the heat exchanger from forming a closed vessel, and the water in the heat exchanger is heated to expand and the heat exchanger explodes.


                10. Clean the slag under the grate in time to prevent the grate from burning out. In order to prevent the corrosion caused by wetting and shorten the service life, desiccant should be placed in the furnace, and water should be discharged in time to prevent the coal-fired hot blast stove from freezing out in winter.

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